Peeling skin is not a reason for abandoning the use of cleaning agents. So wash your face twice a day, even if dryness is manifested strongly enough. Use neutral products containing plant extracts, such as aloe Vera, calendula and cucumber. Try to avoid remedies containing alcohol or salicylic acid, they are dried face.
Once a week use nourishing or moisturizing scrub. During purification perform light massage movements, try hard not to RUB. Also note on the abrasive particles in the scrub, they should be fine without chipping and have a round shape. Can make a scrub yourself, grind into flour, the seeds from fruit and add them to the honey or cream. Use of own production 1-2 times in 10 days. Desquamation of the epithelium of the particles need to be uninstalled, or the problem with the skin and remain relevant.
Make a moisturizing mask that you can buy in the store or apply cream, cream or yoghurt for 10-15 minutes on cleansed skin. Procedure spend a day in the period of exacerbation and 2 times a week, when the dryness begins to take place. Masks of well-known manufacturers contain many nourishing and moisturizing substances, their effect will not keep itself waiting long.
Apply daily on the skin of the face 40 minutes prior to leaving the house. If you are going to the beach or on the street is hot and Sunny weather, use sunscreen with a high protection level. They form an invisible veil to protect the face from drying and flaking.
If returning from a walk you have a strong sense of tightness and burning, boil water, put a bit of soda and hold your face over the steam. After 10 minutes of the procedure you will feel better and relieve redness. Don't forget to apply on the skin a soothing cream or serum.