Learn the books on facial expressions and gestures. The first and main indicator of lying gestures. Their man could not control, for this reason, it gestures eloquently tell you about the lies. If the person is rubbing his neck, scratches his eye or covers mouth with his hand, it is likely that he is lying. Insincerity can also talk and gestures of closeness – crossed arms, legs.
Pay attention to the emotional coloring of speech. The more sincere a person is, the less in his speech the so-called "fussy of emotions - nervousness, irritability, the desire to repeat the same thing several times. The less the interviewee is confident in their rightness, the more emotional will be his speech. However, this method of recognition lies less reliable than reading body language. But it is nice when you talk with two sides, each of which defends the opposite point of view. Usually speaks the truth one who is more calm.
Be attentive to detail speech. The more one lies, the more detailed description of the situation. "I went with Lena to the disco" - this simple phrase rings true. But if it is a story with excuses about why he had to go to the disco, and why Lena, it is quite possible that the person is lying. A lie contains a lot of minor details in which the narrator as the story starts to get confused.
Specify the details. If you already see several factors pointing to a lie, you can begin to thoroughly inquire about the details of the situation. This is the surest way to get a liar to a standstill. As a rule, one can never really thinks through the details liethe first story. They all appear in response to inquiries. Starting with these questions, you will be able to see the gestures of lies-sincerity, listen to the emotional color, to notice inconsistencies in the details. This method will be useful if it is important to bring the liar to clean water.