Blinds are distinguished:

• in design (horizontal, vertical, roll);

• at the place of mounting (to mount on the wall or ceiling, mount directly to the frame);

• by way of attachment (clips, screws, adhesive tape).
Select the type of blinds depends on the room in which they are installed, the width of the sill (for mounting on the wall or ceiling opening to frame the end of it should not go beyond the edge of the window sill).

Vertical blinds to mount them on the wall or ceiling are most suitable for office.

Horizontal blinds on glass it is better to use for home, because when other common positive aspects (the ability to change the lighting to reflect the sun's rays and thereby reduce the hours by 2 times) they allow you to further decorate your window decorative curtain. It is necessary for the design of the room.

Roller shutters when used for their manufacture very dense fabric make blackout Windows an ideal. At the same time they change the look of the room depending on the pattern printed on them. These blinds are best suited for the bedroom.
Mounting blinds on the wall or ceiling (fully closed the window opening) is more commonly used for vertical blinds. In addition, this mounting method is used, if the geometry of the window openings are broken. In this case, it is possible to somehow cover up the flaws of the builders.

Mount on the frame (just close window) used when installing horizontal blinds and roller blinds. This method allows to make the process of closing Windows separate, i.e. gives the possibility of alternate or simultaneous closing frames of the same window.
To install the shutters to mount on the wall or ceiling and mark the mounting locations for the brackets. The marking drill the holes in the wall for the dowels, secure them to the brackets and install the blinds.
Installation of blinds directly to the frame safer to trust the expert, but if you have an idea about the design of plastic Windows, a manual installation selected blinds and necessary tool, it is in your power to do it yourself. When fastening the brackets to the frame need to be careful and careful not to damage the glass. The holes for the screws drill directly into the frame, after making the layout of the holes of the brackets.
At the opening of the frame to secure the mounting brackets blinds special clips and in this case, drilling a frame is not necessary.

No drilling to install and the blinds when they are fixed to the frame with adhesive tape.