Advice 1: What blinds

Blinds — the most practical window decoration. There are many kinds of blinds, each option has advantages and disadvantages.
Due to the fact that the blinds are assembled from lamellae (individual strips of elements), they are easily breathable, and the modern protective structures by which they cover, prevent the collection of dirt and dust, which is very valuable for people prone to allergies.
Currently, for the manufacture of blinds using a variety of materials — plastic, fabric, wood, metal. In some cases, these materials may be combined. Select blinds should be based on your preferences and the size of the budget allocated for their purchase.
Fabric blinds — the most popular and budget option. Usually they are made of strong polyester, which has long do not fade in the sun and very easy to clean. To blinds for a long time retains its presentation, the polyester should be as dense. These blinds exist in large number of colors, so they can perfectly match to any interior. This option is good for home use. The rays of the sun filtering through the colored fabric slats, give the room an amazing decorative effect.
More durable and expensive plastic blinds. They do not crumple, do not bend, keep their shape great. Better than plastic, which are made from slats, so it is more stable to temperature changes and sun light. Plastic can easily mimic wood, and can be used in combination with translucent fabrics. Plastic shutters are very easy to clean, unlike fabric, they do not accumulate static electricity, and absolutely do not miss the light. They are best used in work areas, as they provide wonderful protection from the glare of the computer screens or TVs.
Wooden shutters are the most eco-friendly and durable. Unfortunately, that is why they are usually more expensive than other options. For their manufacturing are very light and durable wood species (balsa wood, a canadian lime and other), moreover they are treated with a special protective structure to provide durability. Special nail Polish prevents fading of the wood under direct sunlight. These blinds are best used in residential building, since they create extraordinary comfort in the rooms.
Metal blinds - ideal for the office. They are made of aluminum or alloy of magnesium and aluminum and is covered with a special resistant paint. These blinds are not afraid of sunlight, do not absorb odors or grease and do not require any maintenance.
Modern multifakturnye blinds are often used in complex decor of the room, because the combination of different materials allows to create an unusual style of composition. Such blinds are designed for designer layout to order and are extremely expensive. But with their help you can transform an apartment or a house.

Advice 2: What blinds you from the sun

Today shutters are experiencing a new peak of its popularity, because they are leaders on the part of the aesthetic appearance and protection from the sun. The modern market offers a wide selection of different blinds – how to choose from their range is the best model that will protect from the sun?
What blinds you from the sun

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds can be shifted to the right, left or center, fully opening the window glass. The most convenient solution are the shutters with a shear angle that will not interfere with normal opening of the window sashes – for example, the model with slats going to the middle of the window from its edges. The width of the fabric or plastic slats of vertical blinds is 89 or 127 mm

The larger the window area, the greater width must have slats to the proportions of the room is fully preserved.

Vertical blinds can be rotated, thereby adjusting the illumination of a certain part of the room. They protect the room from the sun quite well, however, compared to horizontal blinds, their efficiency is still slightly lower. Aesthetic and design features of vertical blinds allow you to use them in any style and in conjunction with both wooden and plastic Windows. In the kitchen it is advisable to install washable model made from a special fiberglass cloth has water-repellent properties, while other rooms are ideal blinds made of bamboo or stylish elegant jacquard fabric.

Horizontal blinds

Horizontal aluminum blinds perfectly protect from the sun, reflecting its rays and without leaving the slightest slits for their entry to the premises. These blinds can be installed on top of the glass, and between the wooden window frames. Control with internal horizontal blinds outside of the window profile. They look great in the living room and the kitchen unit. In addition, horizontal blinds are often installed in business offices and industrial buildings.

The only disadvantage of horizontal blinds is a difficult management, which often breaks down under the influence of forces.

The width of the slats of this model blinds, ranges from 16 to 25 millimeters. To choose the most suitable option, focusing on the General area of the window to preserve the harmonious proportions of the room and considering the amount of light on the side of the building. Usually aluminum horizontal blinds light shades are installed in functional rooms, then as blinds with wooden slats more beneficial to look in living rooms, offices or classrooms, because they make them more cozy and habitable appearance.
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