The easiest way to hang horizontal, and roller blinds for plastic Windows. Fastening takes place directly to the frame close to the glass, separately on each leaf. With proper selection of the dimensions do not need to deal with the markup. You just need to stick. However, glue is often a problem. The point is that the adhesive may leave traces on the plastic surface of the frame. It is also not recommended to use double sided tape, since the drop in temperature it will quickly come unstuck.
Before you proceed to hanging the blinds on plastic Windows, please purchase the silicone suction cups. You can find them in any hardware store. You also need to select the right diameter rod, or a decorative tube. It's inserted in the holders suction cups. So, the eaves are ready, we have to attach the curtain. To plastic was strongly connected with the suction Cup, it is necessary to use a small amount of silicone sealant.
First you wipe with alcohol, which will be fastened with the details. Also it is best to handle and the suction Cup itself. After that, you need a few drops of the sealant applied to the frame and the Cup of the suction Cup. Be sure to spread it evenly. You can then install the cornice with suction cups in place. Well it press and secure with tape. Allow it to set. It takes about a day. Now you can hang the blinds. If it is necessary to remove them, you just need to pry the knife the sucker. Sealant can easily roll finger, while the frame trace does not remain.
Much more difficult to produce mount shutters over the window opening. For this purpose, you just can't do without special tools and skills to them. When installing blinds , make sure you observe safety precautions. During the installation you will need to work next to the glass, standing on a ladder and use complex tools.