You will need
  • measuring tape;
  • - ledge;
  • - fasteners;
  • - screwdriver;
  • - electric drill;
  • - the drill.
Before you buy vertical blinds, pre-measure the height of the room and determine the size of the window opening. This is required in order to subsequently had to completely change the device, because changing the length of the finished slats in any direction will be very difficult.
Determine mounting method of the device. Blinds can be installed inside the window opening and in front of him, attaching to the wall or ceiling. The best product will look in the case where fixing is performed on the outer side of the opening and overlaps the window on each side for about 100-150 mm. Extreme slats must cover a little wall on either side of the window.
If you are going to install blinds in the space bounded on both sides, for example, in the window opening or between the two walls of the room, from the measured width, subtract about 20 mm. the fact that the width of the space at the bottom and top may be slightly different, so chosen or made after measurement space blinds may not fit into the opening.
Prepare for mounting the device special clips and brackets. Usually they are supplied with the finished product, but sometimes you need to purchase accessories separately. To attach the blinds to the ceiling or to the window opening, use special clips which are held by screws. The tumblers, insert them in the eaves and snap.
If you want to hang blinds on a wall, use any normal or standard bracket, included in the package. Attach the bracket to the wall with screws, and towards the bolt and nut attach the clip. Insert the eave slats. If the design weights install them on the lower ends of the slats and connect the chain.
Installing shutters, check them for performance. Described methods of attachment allow after Assembly to slightly shift the cornice in one direction or another if necessary.