Before choosing a particular auto, you need to decide what engine will the car: eight - or shestnadcatiletnim. As well as its volume: 1.5 or 1.6 liters.
Upon inspection of the machine please note the following points:
- the mileage of the car. The smaller it is, the better for the condition of the car.
- The condition of the body. The signs of corrosion on the underbody, the sills, the transverse and longitudinal spars and other parts of the body. Condition of corrosion protection. The presence of signs that the car had been in an accident: uneven gaps between body parts, do not close doors, hood, trunk lid.
- Check engine. Clean, no traces of leakage of oil, coolant. The condition of the steps, no cracks in them.
- The state of the undercarriage. Uneven tire wear may indicate incorrect suspension geometry (alignment). Check the shock absorbers by pressing on the wing: may be one or two shakes of the body to soothe.
Test drive the car. Listen as the engine is running. The sound should be smooth and without knocks. Please note whether you can easily shift gears, if there's any grinding sound at the same time. From the suspension should not be audible knocks and rattles. Check out how brakes work.
Check the documents (passport of the vehicle, tehtaan). Compare the engine number and chassis in the documents and the car.