You will need
  • - Vinegar,
  • soda,
  • - hydrogen peroxide,
  • liquid for washing dishes.
According to most people, there is no more dramatic and sustained smell than the smell of cat urine. And indeed it is. Therefore the cat should be removed immediately until the smell has time to take root and to eat into the surface. If suddenly this happens, then the animal is to feel your smell and make this place a toilet.
If the carpet suddenly appeared a spot of cat urine, immediately proceed to the elimination of trouble caused by the cat. Take the sponge and how to get the stain that urine did not have time to penetrate deeper into the carpet. Then mix the water and vinegar in equal proportions. The resulting composition pour in place "wet works and allow the carpet to dry completely. As soon as the trail gets dry, liberally sprinkle it with baking soda. Next, mix liquid dishwashing detergent with hydrogen peroxide (ratio 1:4) and massage the mixture into the affected area with a brush. After complete drying only vacuum.
The smell of fresh urine stains effectively eliminate such antibacterial agents, such as alcohol, soap, tea leaves, a concentrated solution of soda and rinse the mouth. The flavors, unfortunately, can not solve the problem completely. They can only kill the odor for a while. As flavoring you can use essential oil, parsley or freshly ground coffee.
In stores for animals, you can purchase the tools that will help to remove the smell of cat urine. The most popular are the following: "Bio-G "Soosan and "Datsan . For cleaning upholstered furniture and carpets from the cat's urine is recommended to use "Cleansan , "Souvorin and "Pet Stain&Odor . All of these funds can be applied for cleaning the cat's litter tray.
Do not want to use chlorine-based products to combat the smell of cat urine. Despite the fact that the chlorine kills the great micro-organisms, it is a toxic substance that can harm your household pet.