Advice 1: How to make sliding gates himself

As you know, the gates are sliding and hinged. Swing gates require for its operation a lot of space. The area of the opening becomes "dead" space that cannot be used for other purposes. In terms of private housing is much better showed itself, sliding gate. This is one of the types of sliding gate designs. They move along the fence and does not require opening additional meters.
to make sliding gates himself
Structural features of sliding gates allow you to use them with ease in our climate. Neither rain, nor snow will not interfere with easy opening and closing.
The principle of operation of the sliding gate is quite simple. The doors on the rollers move along the fence along the rail. Such gates can be made yourself if you have the desire and the ability to use welding machine.
First of all, set the desired width of your future goal. Consider the width of the machine and the necessary space for the free passage to the territory. Usually it is about 2.5 m.
Make a cement Foundation for a future gate. For rigid mounting pillars lay the Foundation of the channel to which they are attached, the width of the gate. Lay the Foundation with a metal bar, which will move the rollers sliding gate. Strengthen the guard - stops on both sides.
Of square pipe 60x40 mm to fabricate the frame of sliding doors the right size. By welding re-attach the carrier beam. It may be made of a metal profile.
Welding attach the subframe to the frame of a metal tube 20x20 mm, panel subframe profile sheet or other material that makes up your fence. Install the support rollers on the finished gate leaf.
Install a gate in the finished design. Adjust their course.
All components for the manufacture of sliding doors with their hands can find at hardware stores.

Advice 2: How to install sliding gates

For residents of private homes it is very important to limit the ability of unauthorized persons to penetrate the local area, therefore, special attention should be paid to the reliability of the gate. In Russia it is best to install the gate with the sliding mechanism, because, among other benefits, you will be spared from having to clean the snow before they are opened.
How to install sliding gates
You will need
  • - sliding gates;
  • level;
  • roulette;
  • - shovel;
  • master - cord;
  • cement, sand, water;
  • - steel channel 20 and the valve 12;
  • - screwdriver;
  • - the drill.
Before installing a sliding gate, check whether the opening in the fence requirements. Measure the length of the fence to one side of the future gate – size area free of trees and other obstacles must be not less than one and a half times longer than the width of the opening. Please note: there should be no bias, turns the fence, etc.
Make the layout of the concrete base. To do this, along the fence, starting from the edge of the opening in the side of the rollback, set aside a distance equal to half of the opening in the fence. The width of the pit should be 400-500 mm deep areas. From the opposite side, mark a hole for the support post to set the post does not interfere with the travel and not Sauzal opening. Dig a hole so that it was with a depth of at least 200 mm deeper than the layer of soil freezing.
Take the channel 20 and the rebar diameter 12, weld pieces of rebar to the base of the channel so as to obtain double "comb". Then, reinforce the design of the transverse relationship of the rebar.
Lower resulting core into the hole and channel up so that it was parallel to the fence and horizontally, the lateral surface should adjoin the existing fence post. Note: from what height you place the Foundation element will depend on the clearance from the bottom edge of the gate to the road.
Fill the pit with concrete so that the surface of the channel was not closed. Leave to dry for not less than 6 days.
Indicate the line of movement of the gate with the master cord at the height of 150-200 mm. Prepare for installation of the roller truck. Draw line position of roller bearings.
Collect prepared roller trolley by inserting them inside of the carrier profile. Guide the installation of sliding doors and horizontal adjustment of the shield. Install the end clip and the cover support profile.
Then install the upper guide, Kronlein, and the side with holes for fasteners must be directed toward the support post. Close to the fence post put a reply post to his ribs in the closed position, the closed front gate.
Installation guide traps and automation, if it is provided by the design of the gate.
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