Structural features of sliding gates allow you to use them with ease in our climate. Neither rain, nor snow will not interfere with easy opening and closing.
The principle of operation of the sliding gate is quite simple. The doors on the rollers move along the fence along the rail. Such gates can be made yourself if you have the desire and the ability to use welding machine.
First of all, set the desired width of your future goal. Consider the width of the machine and the necessary space for the free passage to the territory. Usually it is about 2.5 m.
Make a cement Foundation for a future gate. For rigid mounting pillars lay the Foundation of the channel to which they are attached, the width of the gate. Lay the Foundation with a metal bar, which will move the rollers sliding gate. Strengthen the guard - stops on both sides.
Of square pipe 60x40 mm to fabricate the frame of sliding doors the right size. By welding re-attach the carrier beam. It may be made of a metal profile.
Welding attach the subframe to the frame of a metal tube 20x20 mm, panel subframe profile sheet or other material that makes up your fence. Install the support rollers on the finished gate leaf.
Install a gate in the finished design. Adjust their course.