Features of construction of aerated concrete lies in the fact that from this material you can construct buildings, 2-3 floors and to make reliable high basement and ground floor. After the completion of the concrete must be isolated from moisture, as due to the addition of lime, the moisture can lead to the destruction of the material.
To build load-bearing walls of the building, choose the brand of aerated concrete, specifically designed for load-bearing walls is D 1000 and 1200. All other brands on the density rather correspond to the production of thermal insulation works. But the higher density of aerated concrete, the lower thermal insulation characteristics. Therefore, immediately after the completion of construction of the house is necessary not only to isolate from moisture, but also to insulate.
For walls of aerated concrete suitable for only two types of Foundation is a reinforced tape or solid tile. If you save on the Foundation, concrete wall burst up to the faults, because this material is fragile and therefore, to save on Foundation by no means impossible.
If you decide to build a strip Foundation, then be sure to consider the condition of the soil. The pit needs to be dug below the frost, but above the groundwater level. In the construction of aerated concrete is especially important to consider. Inside a formwork, install a powerful reinforcement cage. Cement for concrete use only high marks.
For fixing aerated concrete use reinforced screw anchors. Regular dowels that are used in the construction of walls of brick, will not work.
After the erection of walls to just do the roof. Leave this step for next year is impossible. As already stated above, concrete is necessary to immediately protect from moisture.
Obtyanite all exterior walls vapor barrier material and the top insulation.
Inside the walls is also necessary to protect from moisture vapor barrier material.
Everything else is as conventional construction.