Install to your computer the necessary software and connect your phone to computer using bluetooth or usb cable. If you program the synchronizer you have not, and only the driver package, then after connecting mobile to the computer the system will start to install it, and then in the box specify the path to the folder containing the drivers.
Once you have paired your mobile and installed all the drivers, click "start" > "control panel" > "printers and faxes" > "phone and modem", indicate in this box the country code and your city, then press "ok". In the window "phone and modem" select the tab "modems", tick in the post – modem of the phone and click on "properties". In the properties window (the name of the modem(a)" go to the tab "additional parameters of communication". In this paragraph, write the initialization line and click "ok". Before this line find out the service center or your service provider.
Click "start" > "control panel" > "network connections > create new connection". In the new window, click "next". In the opened window type "network connection" check "connect to Internet" and click on the "next" button. Select "set up my connection manually" > next > "using the modem" > "next". In window "select device", tick only modeme phone, which prescribed the initialization string. And click "next". Set the connection name and click on the "next" button. Specify the phone number that advance find a service centre or the operator, and click "next". Further changes are required, click "next" and "finish".
How to connect <em>Internet</em> to <b>computer</b> <strong>modem</strong>
Open the window "connection to internet" and click "properties". On the General tab, check the modeme phone that you are configuring, and click configure. In the window "configuration of the modemand" uncheck all the checkboxes and click "ok". On the tabs "settings", "advanced" and "security" doesn't change anything and click on the tab "network". In the window "type of connected remote access server" select "PPP:Windows, Internet" and click "options". In the new window uncheck all boxes and click "ok". In the window "components used by this connection" select jackdaws: "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" and "QoS packet scheduler". Click on the button "properties" and select: "obtain an IP address and DNS server address automatically", and click "advanced". In the window "advanced settings" uncheck the option "use compression of IP headers", click "ok" and close all Windows.
Connection setup is completed. In order to connect to the Internetat go to "start" > "network connections" > "internet". In the window "connect to internet", click "call" and wait for connection.
How to connect <em>Internet</em> to <b>computer</b> <strong>modem</strong>