You will need
  • - about 600g thick wool
  • - circular needles №3,5
  • - set of 5 spokes №3,5
Measure the neck circumference and calculate facial surface. Poncho start knitting on five needles. Type in the desired number of stitches - it must be divisible by four. Line adding loops would be on the ground for the transition from one spoke to another.The first six rows of the front knit stitch, not adding loops. Connection lines start to knit right away. Provarite loop, located on the first needle, the front, the second loop from the end of the tie inside-out, last - facial. The second wedge start from the front, then provarite purl one and knit the front until the last two loops. The penultimate provarite wrong, the last face. The other wedges are knit exactly the same. Second row knit in pattern, promazyvaya over facial facial loops, and over purl - purl.
To add a loop start from the seventh row. The addition is made at the junction of the wedges. Provarite all the loops of the wedge to the penultimate facial penultimate tie wrong. After her do a reverse yo and the last loop provarite facial. So add the loops on the joints of all wedges. Next row knit in pattern without the addition, yo promazyvaya the reverse loop.Add loops through the number. Provatas 20 cm, switch to circular needles.
Continue to knit ponchos in a circle, adding loops through each row. Tie the product to the desired length. Close the loop.