This poncho like in the photo looks very impressive due to the boucle fabric, sewed it extremely easy and very fast. I want to note also that this pattern can be easily changed to your liking.

So, to make it elegant and warm poncho, take a woolen cloth, the length of which is equal to the length of the future poncho+2cm for the hem and the width at least half the circumference of hips+10cm+2cm for hem+a(the desired width of the "sleeve").

Tip: the so-called width of the "sleeve" (cut "a" in the pattern) defines the appearance of your poncho. If you do less, you a poncho to wear with a belt (sewn from the same fabric or leather). If you make the poncho is very large and to resemble a real Indian poncho.

To sew a poncho, fold the fabric in half lengthwise, then crosswise in half also. Notice the middle of the fabric (mark with chalk or pin), and then expand the fabric on a wide table and build the neck size on the pattern. Cut out the neckline and cut the fabric on the red line.

Hem the bottom, top, side products, panel the neckline with bias binding. If desired, sew a decorative button at waist level and hinged loop.

After you sew poncho, you can decorate it to your liking with embroidery, beads and beadwork, applique, trim, decorative braid, sew tassels or fringe.