Download the current driver for your sound card for your computer model. To do this, you need to determine the manufacturer to know which site to look for a driver. If you have a laptop, visit the manufacturer's website, and selecting your model and download the driver. If you have a desktop computer with integrated sound card, look for the motherboard manufacturer and pick a driver for your model Board. If you have a separate sound card, on the website of the manufacturer, enter the model of the sound card and find the driver you need.The driver not only must be suitable to the model of your laptop, motherboard or sound card, but to match the operating system on your computer.
After the driver is loaded, you should remove the existing driver. To do this, click "start" - "control Panel" - "System" and click on the "Hardware tab" and then "device Manager". In the list, select sound card by clicking on it right click, go to "Properties" and then "Uninstall driver".
When the old driver will be removed again to return to the "Properties" of the sound card and select "Install driver" or "Update driver". This will open the "setup Wizard" and you will only have to follow his hints, and specify a folder containing previously downloaded a new driver. Therefore, the driver of the sound card will be installed.