You will need
  • the administrator account
Try to pick up the drivers, using for this purpose the standard tools of the Windows system. To do this, open the properties of "My computer" and go to the device Manager. Find equipment allocated with an exclamation mark in a yellow triangle. Click the right mouse button and select "update driver software". Then click on "search automatically for updated driver software".
How do you know what you need <b>driver</b> the sound
If you are not able to update the drivers by means of Windows, use program developed specifically for this purpose. As an example, we propose to use the Sam utility Drivers. Install this program on your computer and run it. The program itself will scan your hardware and choose the one that needs a driver update. Select the device for which, in your opinion, you need to install new drivers, and click "Run."
How do you know what you need <b>driver</b> the sound
If not the above ways, you will need to find their own driver. Best to do it using the resources posted on the website of the manufacturer of your specific hardware. After the jump, need driver package, open the device Manager and click "update drivers". Select "install from a list or specific location" and specify the path to the downloaded folder or files.
How do you know what you need <b>driver</b> the sound