Advice 1: How do you know what the correct driver for the sound

Many users have already learned to install a Windows operating system. But most often, a typical installation is not enough for stable operation of all the equipment that is included with your computer or laptop. Problems arise already at the first inclusion. And one of the major faults is the lack of drivers, including the sound device. There are many ways to correct and quick selection of the necessary drivers, some of which are provided by the operating system itself Windows.
How do you know what the correct driver for the sound
You will need
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Try to pick up the drivers, using for this purpose the standard tools of the Windows system. To do this, open the properties of "My computer" and go to the device Manager. Find equipment allocated with an exclamation mark in a yellow triangle. Click the right mouse button and select "update driver software". Then click on "search automatically for updated driver software".
How do you know what you need <b>driver</b> the sound
If you are not able to update the drivers by means of Windows, use program developed specifically for this purpose. As an example, we propose to use the Sam utility Drivers. Install this program on your computer and run it. The program itself will scan your hardware and choose the one that needs a driver update. Select the device for which, in your opinion, you need to install new drivers, and click "Run."
How do you know what you need <b>driver</b> the sound
If not the above ways, you will need to find their own driver. Best to do it using the resources posted on the website of the manufacturer of your specific hardware. After the jump, need driver package, open the device Manager and click "update drivers". Select "install from a list or specific location" and specify the path to the downloaded folder or files.
How do you know what you need <b>driver</b> the sound

Advice 2 : How to know what drivers you need

It often happens that you install some new hardware in the system unit of the computer, and Windows refuses to recognize it correctly and cannot install the proper drivers. Well, if you have the CD with drivers from the manufacturer.
How to know what drivers you need
There are at least three easy ways to find outwhich drivers are needed by a new device. Refer directly to the official website of the manufacturer of the equipment. Go to the "Support" section on each website and look for the description instructions and the latest driver for your device. Download them to your hard drive, unzip and install the standard Windows tools. New equipment should be determined and earn.
If you don't know the manufacturer of the equipment, use another method to know which drivers need to the unidentified device. Go to "Windows device Manager (My computer – Properties – device Manager). Find the unknown device and open its properties. Go to the tab "Data and the "Property, select "hardware ID . From all that appears in the field below the lines of text copy first by clicking on it right mouse button and selecting Copy . Open a browser and go to search device code: In the "Search paste the copied code string in the table of results for choose any driver. Download it and install the system.
However, the easiest and most convenient option, which allows you not only to learn what drivers are needed for your hardware and automatically install them or update – use managers to install drivers such as DriverPack Solution or SamDrivers. You can download them absolutely free. And the benefits from their use are obvious: they automatically install drivers for the vast majority of components and, thereby, save your time. In case if you need to roll back drivers installed before you start managers, create another system restore point.

Advice 3 : What drivers needed when installing windows

Reinstalling Windows removes all previously installed programs. Installing a new version of the system has an impact on the drivers that were previously installed in the system. After installing Windows, you may need to install drivers for a piece of equipment that was not identified during the installation process.
What drivers needed when installing windows

Where to write the drivers

Before installing the unit, make sure that you had recorded on a separate carrier is needed for the computer drivers. The software may be stored on a separate storage medium, e.g. CD-ROM or USB stick.
In most cases, the driver disk supplied when buying the computer or laptop.

After reinstalling the system you have to have disk all the drivers available for the normal operation of the system and continue setting it up. The drivers allow you not only to determine the device support for the system, but also provide an opportunity to increase the speed of your Windows.

Network card driver

Before reinstalling Windows make sure you have at hand was the driver for the network card. Download the installer from the official website of the developer of your network card. Although Windows 7 is often correctly identify the model of the equipment used, the presence of network card drivers will allow you if necessary to load any other drivers, files, which you for some reason are unable to pre-download.
To install support for the network card allows you to access the Internet on a fresh install of the system to continue setup.

Graphics driver

This driver affects the display of the graphical elements of the desktop is responsible for displaying 2D and 3D graphics and allows you to view high quality video. To install additional driver for your graphics card can improve the performance and responsiveness of the graphical interface elements of the system. You can download this software package you will be able to the official website of the manufacturer of your graphics card or computer (laptop). As a rule, most of the graphics card is manufactured by Nvidia or ATI.

Bluetooth Driver

Unlike the network card drivers, software for Bluetooth is defined is quite rare. This is due to the release of the module. It often happens that every manufacturer of laptops and computers trying to install its own cost, which will require a unique driver, available for download on the Internet.

The sound card driver

For playing audio and video files, you'll need to install the driver for your sound card, which is often not determined freshly installed system. Without the proper driver sound from the system is not output to the speakers, and you will not be able to play any sound file.

The rest of the drivers

To improve performance you can also install the chipset drivers, CPU, touchpad, card reader, keyboard, mouse, wifi adapter, USB bus and any other devices that are available in your computer.
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