Advice 1: How to call a dog-Chihuahua

The Chihuahua is native to North America. For the Mayans and Aztecs, they were kind of magical talismans, so each dog has at its disposal a servant, who was supposed to take care of it and feed. Now this is the most fashionable decorative rock. Despite the fact that it is the smallest dog in the world, it has a brave nature, an excellent guard instincts and excellent response. So how can you call this a miracle?
How to call a dog-Chihuahua
If your dog is fearless, courageous and alert, it can be called some kind of a terrible name. You can play on the contrast: size, greatness. Suitable names like Simba, Akella, Rex, Theodore, Bagheera, Diana.
If your dog cheerful character, she is funny and loving, it can be called some funny name - Mimi, Sophie, Ronnie, Marshmallows, Pie. Importantly, the characterized name of your pet.
Want to be original? Call your dog a nickname of some famous dogs. Probably the most suitable names for Chihuahuas are the following:
Abba - the dog good doctor Aibolit;
Azor - the name of the dog of the well-known palindrome "a rose has fallen to paw Azora";
Bimbo - Baby puppy of the works of Astrid Lindgren "the Kid and Carlson";
Bulka - dog hunter Bullets from "the Adventures of dunno";
Waldy is a mascot of summer Olympic games in Munich in 1972;
Hector - the dog's name from the novel by A. Christie "the Dog that does not bark";
Delta - dog who tried to save the child of his master and covered him with his body during the eruption of Vesuvius in 73 BC;
The sulker - little white dog from the movie "Chronicle of a diving bomber";
Susan - the dog from the cartoon "the Magic ring";
Kobe - dog-mascot of the Olympic games in Barcelona;
Milo dog from the movie "Mask";
Donut small dog from the book of K. Bulychev, "the Last dragon";
Rhine - Chihuahua Jennifer Lopez and Chris Judd.
Since Chihuahua was the mascot from the Indians, can be given the nickname Lucky, fortune, Vienne, that is, the word "luck, luck" in different languages of the world. After all, how the boat call, so it will float.
If your dog is purebred and has a long pedigree, here the situation is a little different. A nickname will consist of two words. The name chosen by the breeder and adding to it the prefix - name of the mother of the puppy. For example, Julie dream. Sounds noble and proud. But not every dog will respond to such a long nickname. Therefore it is better to call her sometime at home. As it will be just like you.
It is particularly important that the name be short and sonorous. The dog should be a pleasure for him to respond.

Advice 2 : How to call Chihuahua

By choosing a nickname beloved pet always is necessary to approach very responsibly. After all, a properly selected name half depends on the nature of your pet and how he'd be treated by others. Pick a name for the puppy Chihuahua is exactly the same as for any other breed of dog.
How to call Chihuahua
Pay attention to the behavior of the puppy. Look him in the eye, look at the coloration, ears and overall appearance. Very often, a nickname born of itself. For example, the color chihuashow can be called a Caramel, a pod, a Tag, Raguna. If the dog is fun and playful, and the name must be sounding, sonorous and funny: Donut, Cupcake, goofy, Mimi, Marshmallows, cosmic, Zyuzik.
Let's see how the animal reacts to other people. If the puppy barks fearlessly, showing all his views that this is his territory and he is ready to protect it, the nickname should be a little formidable. For Example, Rex, Gaby, Akella, Bully, Hammer, Hammick, Bagheera, Bugs. Affectionate cute can be called masik, maksik, tiny, Mulk, nuska, Honey, Plum, or plum, Toshka.
Look at the pedigree of the dog. Every puppy breeders assign their name combined with name of the parents. Very often, purebred dogs their name may consist of two or three or even more words. Of course, such a long name you will be uncomfortable calling the dog, so choose the most suitable word. In addition, you can choose any one syllable of all words, and the result is to make a very original nickname.
Be a little imagination. The dog may become for you a kind of talisman or any symbol. If the puppy gave you a loved one, consider a name that is associated with tenderness and love. For example, good: Lawi, angel, Cupid, Cupid, Temic. If an animal brought you luck and happiness, it fits the name lucky, Chucky, Fortuna, Ricik.
Remember nicknames of famous dogs, maybe you might want to call their little miracle that is a well known name, for example, Protein, Abba, the Rhine, Bimbo or Bambi, Zsuzsa, lassie, Hatik, Arrow, Bunny. If you like a few options, and you can't make a choice, try to call the puppy a different name, but the baby will choose what nickname him to respond.
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