You will need
  • Books, including a book of tongue twisters and Proverbs
  • Filmstrips
  • Stopwatch
Ask yourself the question – do you like to read? As a rule, in families where reading all the problems with the technique of reading does not occur. A child learns primarily by example. So if you've read little or did not read at all – have a little read, and not just with the child.
Select the mode of the day for half an hour to read with your child. This can be, for example, half an hour before bedtime, when all of the day's business is done. Part of the tale read by the parent, and gives some moments to read to a child. Each time increase the number of sentences he can read. You can later switch roles. The child reads a story, and you listen.
After the bedtime story habit, select another period of time just for reading. At this time, the child will read including that set, well half an hour after he made writing assignments. The "lesson" you can build so. You are reading the sentence. Maybe even several times. Then you are reading the sentence with your child and eventually ask to read it himself. After a few of these classes a bit and change their structure. Read several proposals.
Organize a game of school. Try to arrange so that the child assumed the role of the teacher. As students quite suitable toys with which the first-grader still isn't gone. To be a disciple at first and you can.
As soon as the child learns more or less accurately read isolated sentences, try reading them with tongue twisters. The technique is the same. If a child reads slowly, first read the tongue Twister you, and then let them read it. Try to do it as quickly as possible. Take a stopwatch and have a race to see which of you is faster to read the tongue Twister. Then move to the next. If the first patter I read the first you, next let him first read the child. This alternation will bring to class an element of the game and make them more interesting.
New children's books buy with your child. Unless, of course, is not a gift that you want some time to keep secret. Go to the store, ask your child to look at the books and say what he likes and why. Offer to read the title and author name. When you bring a new book home, encourage your child to begin to read it aloud, and when he's tired, you see. Try not to read the book before the end of the first evening, stretch pleasure. The next day, continue reading, and let the first begins to read to the baby.
If your child is seriously interested in some work, show him books about favorite activities. This is the best incentive to teachSya to read as quickly as possible, because you need to know immediately how to construct this model or how to embroider a cross. In this case, books can be for adults.
Your helpers can be social network. For example, the school forum. In this case, the child will immediately understand why it a quick read, and it will greatly facilitate your task. But the network communication, of course, must be strictly controlled.