The basic rule of bistrotea not to try to apply all methods at once and move on to mastering the next after the previous technique is mastered and successfully you apply. Otherwise, the perception will be hampered. Even using one method can increase reading speed with the standard 200 words per minute up to 500-600. That's good. Let's say you're not going to read one book a day, but two times will increase the speed of reading.

Practice regularly. Seen to acquire the simple skill and use it automatically a person needs about 2-3 weeks of regular training. Can't spend two hours a day, as recommended by textbooks or teachers of bistrotea – allocate half an hour. The main thing – regularity.

Start with exercises that seem most easy and the development of move on to the next. Here are the most common and effective ways to learn to read quickly:

1. Often people reread the same line several times. Time spent. Most wait way to get rid of this habit to keep the bookmark is not from below but from above. In order to achieve automatism better to use a normal paper book – cover top lines. As soon as your eyes get used not to rise to read, you can go to to read without a bookmark and to read electronic documents such a method.

2. Not pronounce the words. Even reading to myself, many recite the words and phrases. Why? Yes, we do talk slower than read. By the way, this same bug prevents to use the touch type method of printing the thought can't keep up with fingers. Learn to think not pronouncing the phrase.

3. Focus. When reading a document, pay attention to just unfamiliar places. Often the information in textbooks is repeated – skip it and move on to the next paragraph.

4. If you are reading and you just need to read the document, do not pay attention to errors, typos. In other words – do not empathize the technical literature. And reading art, try not to get used to the role of heroes, do not think out the details. This is especially important if you just need to read.

Storm text

Try learning to read first the whole word, and then phrase. This will allow you to quickly find information in the text for keywords. In other words, we will be able to run the option Cntl-F – choosing from the text only what is important to you.

Method of Soviet spies

Take screenshots of the words and make a slide show. As you begin to have time to read the word faster, than there will be another gear up. Then enter into the work more difficult and unfamiliar words. The next step will be phrase and then sentences. So bystrostroy taught in school scouts.

It is worth remembering that applying the techniques you will learn to perceive only the information. Sometimes you need to relax by reading fiction and poetry.