Advice 1: How to improve the technique of reading in a child

That child reads fast enough for his age, faced by many parents. In first class it's not causing major problems. But in the future the child can start to fall behind in their studies. So start working on the technique of reading required from the moment when you notice that it is insufficient. It may turn out, for example, when checking. Every elementary school teacher performs them regularly.
How to improve the technique of reading in a child
You will need
  • - of the alphabet;
  • - cubes with letters;
  • - electronic book;
  • - collections of tongue twisters:
  • - the exercises of articulation gymnastics;
  • - computer with text editors;
  • check on the school forum or in the children's social network.
Find out how to actually reads your child. Generally, the technique of reading is determined by how quickly and clearly he reads aloud. There are children who even in first grade I read about myself and perfectly understand what they read, but stammer and hesitate if they are asked to do it out loud. Figure it out easy enough. Let your child read the passage and ask what he understood. In this case, you don't have to worry, and the problem is solved with the help of the game. If you are accustomed to read with your child in the evenings tales, switch roles. Now let it be a reader, and you - the listener.
If a child does not read aloud, and to myself, the reasons could be several. He may not quite understand how letters combine into words. Maybe the process of reading takes him so much effort that the understanding of the meaning of their remains. In this case, will help the cubes with the letters of the alphabet, games like "Scrabble". But first, determine how the child developed phonemic hearing, and whether he could distinguish the sound of the letter.
Encourage your student to perform several exercises. Write any familiar to him. Ask to count how many letters. He probably will do with ease. Then ask them to count the sounds. If this will cause trouble, explain that the letter is an icon, this icon is not necessarily indicated by a sound. Offer to determine which consonants and vowels are in the word, what sounds are pronounced softly. Repeat the exercise periodically. It is not directly connected with the technique of reading, the child will not even understand that you are concerned about how it reads, and therefore will not be to dwell.
Most can benefit from a sound model. To learn how to make a school notebook in the box and a set of crayons or markers. Agree, what color are you going to designate the vowels, and some consonants. When the child learns to do it quickly and without errors, complicate the task. For example, offer different colors for soft and hard consonants, hissing, whistling, etc.
Make sure that your child properly pronounces all the sounds. For the technique of reading may be important even mild dyslexia. For example, if the child confuses the two sounds, he and reading will unwittingly trip over them when you want to say one of them. Consult with a speech therapist. You may need a few sessions to get rid of this shortcoming.
There are cases when the child just says very slowly. You can slightly increase the rate of speech. Use tongue twisters. Will help in this case and articulation gymnastics. Do not expect to fully re-educate the person to change their nature does not work, but to teach him to pronounce words a bit faster is quite real.
People are easier to assimilate any action, when he realizes that it is necessary or at least interesting. The child exercises on the technique of reading may seem annoying or boring. He must understand why he needs to read. Interest in the books he may not show. Determine what motivates your child and let him know that in the books he can gather the needed information. However, many modern children are wary of the usual typographic books, but they might not enjoy electronic.
Text editor on your computer you probably have. Invite a child to play. Type a word or phrase, and offer to read. Then switch roles. Let the child that will be published and you read, just uttering sounds. At first, the phrase may be totally meaningless, and in the words you will surely find a huge number of errors. Do not scold your student. He very quickly realizes that something is doing wrong. Can you explain that the program is most often underlines misspelled words or those that are strangers to her. It will also be helpful to "teach" the text editor new words. But this child needs to learn to print them correctly, and thus a good read.
Use of modern communication technology. Many parents believe the Internet is harmful exercise that can distract the student from training sessions. To ONT benefited, you have to be able to use it. In the development of technology reading will help including social networks. Indeed, during communication on the forum, the child must read the message, understand it and be able to answer, and that in itself can make it quick to read. Choose the appropriate resource, explain to your child the rules of communication, help to register or leave the new user without attention. Ask what he learned on a forum or social network with whom he met. You will not notice as a child begins to read very quickly.
Useful advice
To help you can and mobile phone. Teach your child to accept and send SMS messages. Give him this way a variety of tasks, and in the evening to check how they understood and fulfilled.

Advice 2: How to improve reading technique of a child

To give the child skills of the fluent reader, parents need to learn the technique, consisting in the application of a variety of games to improve the technique read. The child will not be able to thrive without learning to read quickly.
Turn reading into an exciting game
The more the parents will come up with different games to teach child to read, the faster he will begin to read quickly and without errors. Importantly, your actions didn't bother the baby, the game should be fun and interesting. Take a simple word and replace the letters. Let the child guess what the word is encrypted. First, do exercise themselves, that he understood what he should do, and then invite the child to try to do it yourself. Try to praise him every time when the word is guessed. A child needs the support and approval. The next time you can make a "wrong" sentence of 3-4 words. As a result of reading plain text, your child will be much more comfortable, the technique of reading will improve significantly.
Invite your son or daughter to read at a time. He moves his finger, saying the words to myself until you read it aloud the first paragraph. Then you can switch. The child will read aloud to you, and you will pretend that finger across the strings. Don't need to play teacher and student, it is better to be on equal footing with a child, trust is the key to successful learning.
Connect the reading with the drawing. Take a sheet of paper, write with a white candle over, after which invite a child to pick up paint and paint over the sheet. Explain to your child that it will be a surprise. When you appear with white letters, the child has no choice but to read them. To surprise and please a child, write a candle that chocolate is waiting for him in the fridge. Let the reading associated in his mind with pleasant things. But next time do not repeat, think of something else.
In fact, there are many techniques relating to reading. It all depends on your imagination. Try to keep your requests are expressed initially on paper. Do not rush to give job on the phone, it is better to leave the child notes in prominent places. You can buy a special Board (now these are sold in stores), where with the help of buttons every family member leaves a message to others. Write in the notes, where are you going and when you will return. Let this be a habit for all members of the family, then the child can begin to write their notes and read other people's.
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