You will need
  • - tube
  • - tobacco
  • - match
  • tee for tube
Firstly, buying a new handset, you need to keep in mind that you will need some time to get used to it. Even if the selection of tobacco you have no difficulty, it is not necessary the first time to smoke a pipe more than once a day. Subsequently, when you are comfortable, can smoke as much as you need.
In the process of Smoking a new pipe inside of it formed a Deposit, which later enhances and improves the taste of tobacco. Nagar protects the tube wall from excess moisture and burn-out. Only after 5-6 raskurivanie formed a sufficient layer of carbon (approximately 1.5 mm). The tube is considered to be primed.
The first way burner tube.
With this method, you should fill up tobacco completely - so that when pressure is applied to the tobacco totally, it is springy. In this method of Smoking tobacco is not smoked to the end.
The second method of the burner tube.
The stuffed tube is 1/4, and the tobacco is ignited over the entire surface. This is followed by several short puffs. Then the tobacco is extinguished totally. In the next puffing a pipe stuffed already at 2/4, then 3/4 and so on until the complete tamping tube.
After each burner tube, it should be thoroughly clean: remove from the pipe tobacco and pull the mouthpiece. Mouthpiece clean with special brush.