You will need
  • Tender documentation
  • The presentation for the client
  • A positive attitude
Once you receive the invitation to tender, visit the website and explore the Internet to find out more about the organizers. Find out more about the people who work there, about who takes decisions in the company, etc.
Carefully examine the tender documents. To win a tender, you need to make such an offer the client cannot refuse. And it needs the details to understand what the customer wants.
Try to arrange some meetings before the presentation of the bid. Meet personally with those who will decide who won the tender. Ask more questions – let them know that your company is interested in good training and in the project.
Get ready to tender carefully. Please note that you have had all the evidence that may be required, all the answers to potential customer's questions. Attention to detail – the key to winning the tender.
Be punctual. Provide any information requested by the organizer of the tender in the stipulated time frame (and preferably even faster). Let him know that your promise is not empty words.
A week later after tender of the presentation, call the customer and find out their opinions, comments, possible outcomes of the tender. Exercise activity and vital interest in obtaining project. If you are that contractor, which has more all eyes are burning from the project, you certainly win in the tender.