You will need
  • Graphic tablet, computer, Adobe Photoshop
After connecting the tablet to the computer, install the driver for your model device from the disk supplied or downloaded from the manufacturer's website.
Adjust the the pen tablet control panel. The main attention is paid to the sensitivity adjustment to the level of pressure on the pen; installing forms, continuity, transparency and brush size. Adjust the tilt of the pen, its angle of rotation. Add eraser and other tools.Run the "anchor" of the tablet to the computer to work with Adobe Photoshop, which will speed up and simplify the work. A detailed description of the settings can be found in the instructions that came with the tablet.
Adjust the reaction to the pen on the tablet for your own personal style of drawing. If necessary, create your personal brush.
Make an initial sketch, then carefully draw all the details. Adjust the pressure and tilt of the pen, not afraid of experimentation. All hand movements and fine drawing are similar to those typical of traditional drawing with pencil on paper.