You will need
  • Magic Trainer Creator
Download Magic Trainer Creator and the game. Switch to PID LOCK, select from the list the name of the game. Then indicate the search algorithm Normal. In the window enter a value to specify the number of lives in the game. Then start the process.
After the search is completed, switch to the game. The "spend" part of lives again, go to Magic Trainer Creator. Enter in the input box values to search for a specific number of lives, hit Continue.
Go to the game. These steps are repeated until then, until there is only one value. Next, select the refresh rate values. To do this, specify the exact value or bring the pointer to the right edge. Double click on Freeze.
Select the address, enter the required value. Run Poke. Save the parameter value in the file by specifying its location on disk. Its extension will be *.gtc.
Open the creation window of the trainer. Enter in the corresponding field the title of the trainer; information on by whom, when and for what game it is made.Specify the name of the file that will generate the Magic Trainer Creator.
Open the saved values, label them some name. Click on generate trainer.