To avoid these troubles, learn to manage your emotional state. For example, if you are very nervous before an important presentation, meeting, try to imagine what would happen if you suddenly forget the right words, say something, say something nonsense. Try in your imagination to relive the most terrifying you the scenario. Likely, others will laugh, i.e. it will be a little more fun. But the world will not collapse, and you will not die, will not go to the hospital. Train your ability to laugh at yourself, your fears, it will help to overcome anxiety and fear of failure.
At the first sign of excitement, slowly inhaling, inflate the abdomen, and then slowly push the air the abdominal muscles. Diaphragmatic breathing will help you to gradually calm down.
If you often experience irritability and agitation, do some aromatherapy. To do this, hold the home bubbles with aromatic oils: eucalyptus, peppermint, fir. When you feel an attack of nervousness, worry, eyes closed, two or three minutes, inhale the aroma of any oils, your condition will greatly improve. Elevate mood and reduce anxiety also aromas of vanilla and lavender.
As an effective relaxing and sedative Valerian a good hot bath. Add water 3-5 drops essential oil of Valerian or 30-50 ml liquid extract that you can buy at the pharmacy. Duration of procedure 12-15 minutes. Soothing baths with infusions of medicinal herbs as a preventive measure can take all people. But do this before bed and no more than once a week. One tub will need two to three liters of the filtered broth of Valerian root, buckthorn bark or roots of marshmallow.
In mild excitement and nervousness consume herbal teas from medicinal herbs: Linden, of chamomile, peppermint, lemon balm, motherwort, lavender, oregano. Teaspoon chopped herbs pour boiling water in the teapot or Cup. Take in the form of heat before eating during the day.