You will need
  • Toy molds
  • Scoop
  • Bucket
  • Natural materials – pebbles, shells, twigs
Select the place. You need to build near water, but at the same time "construction site" should not be flooding.
Clear the area. Remove the garbage. If you are interesting stones or twigs, set them aside – they will need to decorate the buildings. Candy wrappers and shards of broken bottles collect in a plastic bag and take it to the trash.
Imagine what will be your castle. It is better if the castle will have several towers connected by walls. Mark the outline of the Foundation. Remember that the Foundation must be wider than that it will be built.
Build towers. This can be done using the usual kids pails. Stuff it with wet sand, tamp it, then flip the bucket to the place where you have outlined the construction of the tower. If the sand is not immediately out of the pail, a child's shovel knock on the bottom. Align the walls of the towers. It is convenient to do the constant hand.
Connect the tower walls. The sand lay smooth and dense layer. The top wall may be slightly thinner than the bottom. In one of the walls make the gates. The walls can be loopholes, but they should not be too much, otherwise the castle will crumble. Take a sharp stick and pierce the wall in several places. The same can be done in the towers.
Decorate the castle. Use pebbles and shells. Possible in front of the gate to put the emblem of the castle owner.
Surround the castle ditch and rampart, as was done in ancient fortresses.