Be honest with yourself. If still you pretend in front of someone, you want to look better, more interesting, smarter than you are. But before him it is not necessary to prevaricate. Admit what you want, what's important to you, why are you doing this or another, what feelings lead you, what emotions, fears you hide deep down. Open in front of him, and it will be easier to find their own individuality.
Understand that to pretend in front of other people makes no sense. First, on a subconscious level, other people can feel your insincerity. Hypocritical people can hardly count on someone's sympathy. Secondly, your idea of what you want to see the rest of the individuals can be erroneous. So you knowingly play a role in front of people, they may not appreciate. Thirdly, remember that you live for yourself, to enjoy peace, not to meet everyone's expectations. Focus on yourself and stop trying to rely on the opinion of others about you people.
Become a brave man. Don't be afraid to show your true face. Don't assume what people will say. Harmony, which will come into your soul after you will become a valued much higher than the sympathy of others. Some individuals fear that they themselves are not going to like what they get, throwing off the mask. For this you need to accept and love herself.
Don't compare yourself with anyone. This is a harmful and unconstructive habit, especially if this comparison is not in your favor. Remember that everyone is different. In addition, the ideal individual may have serious disadvantages, which you might not imagine. So no need to create idols. For you there can be only one star - you.
Your talents, improve your skills, develop your own abilities. Work on yourself will help you to become interesting, self-sufficient personality. There will be no need to pretend to be someone. After all, when an individual moves towards their goals, living in harmony with their needs, he feels inner harmony, and better and more is revealed to others and to yourself.
Don't do anything you absolutely do not want. Acting at odds with their own principles, beliefs and tastes, you break yourself. Do not step over their desires, using their own opinion. Then you will have more opportunities to be myself and not to do so, as required by other or circumstances. Try in a difficult situation to find an alternative that will allow you to remain true to their values.