The source of happiness is not outside, but within man. Learn to appreciate what surrounds you, then you will be able to experience real happiness not from the fact that conquers a new rung on the career ladder or bought a new car.You will be happy just from the fact that, waking up in the morning without opening my eyes, hear the breath next to a loved one. Manage to experience happiness from a beautiful Sunny day, smile of the child, the hand of a friend, to support in difficult times. Make your inner choice – be happy.
Learn to love and become loved. One who gives much, gets a lot. Give, not expecting anything in return. Actually, it is you are doing to yourself, and not with the purpose to benefit others. Neither friendship nor love cannot be calculated in quantitative terms.The feeling that you are loved and people need you, will allow you to feel not just strong, but invincible. Do not fear the difficulties and tribulations, if there are real friends and those who are like you.
Set yourself up for good. Never, not even myself say, "I don't like my job" or "I Have a terrible figure." Nravites yourself in any condition and don't forget to formulate affirmations – positive statements in the present tense.
Do not envy anybody. If you do something really necessary, not sit and suffer – get up and do, encourage and act. Not affraid of difficulties, take them as an opportunity to show their fighting qualities.
Only depends on you, what will life be happy or not. Appreciate the opportunity to become better and happier and you will be the person who lives in harmony with himself.