To determine whether the rotted log or not, lightly tap it with butt of axe. A hollow sound will tell you that with a log, things are bad. And it is better to arm themselves with a knife and try to stab all the logs, causing you suspicion. Free penetration of the tip at a greater depth will give you a reason to think about replacing the logs.
Having dealt with the logs, prepare the site for felling and collection of crowns and pick up logs of the same dimensions, and model, air-drying and clearing them from the bark.
Then dig up at a distance of about half a meter from the corners of the houseand a few holes (two at each wall). The pits must have these dimensions: length along the log – 100cm, width – 70cm, depth logs – 50 cm the Bottom level and put on a broad or scaffold planks.
Then you will need a pair of hydraulic buildingkrath, calculated on a five-ton weight, different wood, thick trim boards and brackets.
Check and record the position of the frame, beat on the walls two horizontal straps. In places rise buildingand staple the thick logs with boards to ensure that nothing has shifted. Then in the pits install housecrats from the logs lying on the bottom logs. Under the housekratom should be a place for putting the block of wood. For greater reliability to put under the heel of the houseof kratom steel plate.
Quietly raise your house, while controlling the bias level. When coming to focus the beam out of the cups downstream of the logs, stop the lift. Jacks work in turn. If the house rises from the laborhouse, substitute a log, block of wood and lower the housecrats, and under the log, substitute the wood with spacers, after which you can resume the climb. Do not remove the wood. Let them be insurance. Lifting a houseand 30 cm, clamp it on the wood, and then proceed to the other side. Repeat the operation, then roll out the bottom log. Replace them and lower the house. This should be done gradually, first lifting the houseand then down before removing the wood.