For example, you have to raise the frame home or bath to tear down the old Foundation and build a new one in accordance with your ideas. Where should you start? All you need is one assistant.
Corner house back two jacks. Carefully raise the selected corner to a height of approximately two centimeters. For temporary support put strip of appropriate thickness.
Now move on to the next corner and perform the same operation. The procedure is simple if the frame is already detached from the old Foundation. Pay special attention to the time when all the corners of the house is already on the pads, except for one or two old logs. The careless lifting of a corner of the Jack frame can get away with props.
Don't be tempted to speed up the process, increasing the height to which lift the corner of the house. This can lead to dangerous misalignment of the structures and unpredictable consequences. So proceed without haste, limited to lifting each corner just consistently a half to two inches in a single pass.
The specified bias is possible for the reason that described by way of lifting results in the action of total force from the horizontal component of the vector. Developed by the jacking force may lead to podpisaniu of logs and warp of a reference platform. Note also that in alternate (i.e. non-uniform) lifting angles horizontal component can appear due to the shift of the center of gravity of the structure.
In the works to lift the Foundationand will certainly consider the question of insurance and compliance with security measures. As soon as the frame is raised a few inches, immediately insert into the space between the temporary support and the cabin pre-prepared strip. For these purposes, is quite suitable scraps of boards. Such insurance will be useful in that case denied the Jack.
The Jack at the work place securely. Make sure that it rested against the solid wood, not rot.
Raising the structure to the desired height, angle the house build concrete platforms. On the grounds of the mold pillars of concrete with a height equal to the size of the new Foundation. It now remains to mount the rebar, set the formwork and pour the concrete. Updated the Foundation is ready.