As a rule, are subject to destruction logs under the Windows, the lower crowns of log cabins, floor joists, and flooring. Renovation should start only after determining the cause of the disease and its extent. For this release the lower crown and the lower part until, until it gets natural soil. Don't get complacent, if the result of the external examination has found no traces of destruction of wood.
The log needs to be tapped with a hammer that will allow to detect the affected area by the characteristic sound and the places where later will be installed temporary supports, jacks and wedges.
To raise the frame, use any Jack with sufficient capacity, for example, train or car Jack truck. Depending on the construction of the Foundation frame should be raised in two ways. So, if the frame is mounted on intermediate and corner poles, then the Jack will be installed under a log.
If the log stands on a strip Foundation, you should first identify weaknesses in the logs and do there holes like Windows, and then insert the lever, or the piece rails. The inner end of the lever is placed on a secure base. Directly the Jack is mounted under the outer.
The recovery log should be done very carefully, observing the synchronicity. If you are using one of the Jack after you put one part of the house, you need to set the focus. Only after that can continue to rise in a different spot.
Experienced specialists strongly recommend inspection of the structures of log house in the fall and spring, carefully tapping and probing each log. Pay particular attention to the insulation, since this depends largely on the lifespan of wooden houses.