You will need
  • - documents for registration;
  • - the statement;
  • - permission from all owners.
If you have a share in the apartment, which is in common ownership, regulated by article 244 of the civil code, for the registration of the wife are required to obtain a notarized authorization of all owners, regardless of whether you are going to register the wife permanently or temporarily.
The apartment is divided by participants of the common ownership of the share in kind, when every fraction designed private ownership, belong to all the rights of co-ownership, which is regulated by the article 250 of the civil code. In fact, your share is private property and you have the right to dispose of it at own discretion, including to prescribe it for anyone by giving his written or notarial agreement.
The apartment is separated by the co-owners for shares in a percentage, may not be issued every owner in private ownership, therefore, for a residence wife, you will have to obtain a written or notarized consent of all owners.
If you can't get permission from all co-owners on the residence permit of your wife, the option to register only two. The first is to contact the court and on the basis of the decision to register. The second is to donate part of the shares or the whole share to the wife and then she will be able to register for housing without the consent of all owners.
The second option is to put into practice is very problematic. When making the transaction giving on common property you must obtain the notarized authorization from all co-owners.
If the apartment is divided through the court the percentage, you have the right to make a gift without the permission of the other owners.
In all cases, for the registration of the wife you will need to contact FMS or to the passport office, housing Department, to present documents of title to housing, extract from the house register and a personal account, wife's passport, a statement, filled himself a wife in the presence of the employee of the FMS, the address leaf of departure from a former residence.