The most familiar, but not the safest way to change colorbut skin is a natural tan that you can get, having gone to a couple of weeks in a hot country. But remember that the skin needs to "withdraw" in the sun gradually, starting with a few minutes a day in the period of least solar activity, that is, morning and evening. Do not forget about sunscreens. Many ignore them, the skin soon acquired the desired brown shade, oblivious to the fact that these products protect the skin from harmful radiation, letting "good" rays.
Oddly enough, a beautiful deep tan you can get very early in the spring, when the sun is fuck in full, and the snow had not yet descended. Reflected from the snow, the sun's rays become stronger. Should be careful in the spring, there is also the danger of charring, despite the fact that around is still cool. Some during this period, sunbathing, skiing in a bathing suit, but it takes some courage.
However, these methods are relevant in a particular season. What if you want to change the color of the skin at that time of year when the sun was not going to peek out from behind the clouds? Help Solarium. There are two types of sunbed – vertical and horizontal. They have their own characteristics in the horizontal tan can be uneven in places where the body is pressed against the device (tailbone, shoulder blades). A vertical leg can sunbathe worse than the rest of the body. To achieve an even tan experts advise to alternate the tan vertical and horizontal sunbeds.Being in the tanning bed, you should observe the same safety precautions that the sun is to start small and not be under the lamps for too long. By the way, the lamp in the Solarium have a well-defined lifespan, after that they become harmful to the skin. So always check with the administrator of the salon, how long have changed the lamp, and walk only in checked beauty salons.
To change the color of the skin you can use creams for tanning. This method is more gentle to the skin, as it does not receive harmful radiation. Now on the market there are many tools from different manufacturers, choose the one you like. Suggest only to use the creams that the majority of the dye the skin unevenly, leaving spots, and sprays – they go more smoothly.
If you want to change the color of the skin is original and beneficial to health, eat carrots. After some time, the skin will change hue. Whether you go depends on the individual characteristics of your skin – someone it is indistinguishable from the color ofa suntan, someone is frankly an orange. Yes, you remember, - in order that the color of the skin changed, the carrots need to eat very much!
Sometimes, perezagua or overdo it with the bronzer, you want to change the color of the skin for a brighter. Then you can help lemon (more effective) or cucumber (more gentle). They RUB the skin until the desired hue.