If you have very light skin so-called Celtic type, unfortunately, even tan is not for you. Whatever means you may use, bronze skin color you receive, will still blush and freckles become more noticeable. Therefore, it is better for you to wear loose, light clothing that protects from direct sunlight hands and feet, and a wide-brimmed hat that covers the face. In the daytime, when the sun is at the Zenith, you do not want to go to the beach or wander on the street.
But these measures are not enough. Be sure to use sunscreen cosmetics, which has a maximum level of protection. Only this will help you to get a light tan without increasing the number of freckles.
When choosing cosmetics pay attention to markings. On the bottle or tube of cream must be specified: SPF (sun protection factor) – the degree of protection from the sun and numbers. 2 – binds half of the solar radiation, 10 – to 90%, 25 – 96%, 50 – 98% radiation. The more protection, the better it is for your skin, especially in the first days of sun exposure.
In addition, when choosing a sunscreen, pay attention to the presence of tagging UVA-UVB is protection from harmful ultraviolet rays of two types – alpha and beta. Remember that to use a cream or a spray tan you can't, because "burn" you instantly.
If you want to have a nice light tan without pronounced freckles, get ready for summer in advance. Enter in your diet apples, green onion, black currant juice, sauerkraut and wild rose. In these foods there are certain acids and vitamins, which reduce the sensitivity of the skin to dangerous solar radiation. Try every day to drink a glass of milk or yogurt.
When you go outside, don't wash with soap, and especially not wipe your face with lotions containing alcohol, toilet water or Cologne. These funds are destroying the protective layer of the skin and make it very sensitive to the sun. In this case, ugly, freckles stand out sharply, looking like dark spots, you provided.
You can try to make homemade sunscreen. To do this, take 50 g of coffee beans (green, without roasting and flavoring), grind them in a coffee grinder and mix with 100 ml walnut oil, cold pressed. This mixture put in a jar, cover, and heat on a water bath (not boiling, otherwise it will spoil everything). Remove from heat and cool in cold water. At the end place the mixture overnight in a dark place. Then miss the resulting cream through a sieve to remove the particles of grains. This tool should be used half an hour before going outside. But kept it only three days.
Remember that you can use bleach vs freckles, and then sunbathing is strictly forbidden, after which the skin becomes very sensitive to ultraviolet light.
To get the feeling of a light tan with no freckles , and not torturing yourself with trials of sun or Solarium. Buy powder with a tanning effect and apply it on the cheekbones, forehead and nose.