There are several ways uniform watering that do not require human presence. First create all the flowers in a place where they would get enough light, but where they would not be too hot. The easiest way to keep plants moist is to make pots in water-filled basin, pan or tub. This method is not suitable for plants in very small pots and as for flowers, decaying frequent watering.
If water is required, it is best to repot the plants in pots, the bottom of which is covered with a sufficient layer of expanded clay or any drainage. It will allow water from the sump to rise to the roots of the plants, but will not allow excess moisture.
If the colors are not very many, pour them before leaving, and in each pot bury the inverted water bottle, the cover of which is made holes.
Another well-known old method: put a container of water above the level of plants. Take a woollen thread, one end of which lower and lock in capacity with water, the other bury a few inches in the pot. Thus plants will get required moisture. Experiment with this method in advance to ensure sufficient conductivity of the thread and ensure the thread is not dripping water between the tank and pot. If you use a "wick", keep in mind the size of the pot: single wick enough for a pot 10 cm in diameter, for pots of large sizes require a greater number of strands of the wicks.
If plants are not afraid of excessive moisture, pour them well before check-out or even leave for a few hours in water, then wrap the pots with plastic (or put in other plastic pots), and the top ground cover layer of moss so that the moisture does not evaporate quickly from the soil surface.