Terrace – building is easy. Therefore, the Foundation can do not much to worry about strengthening and depth. Some build the terrace, completely without Foundation, were important to a good frame, and a roof that will not need to remove for the winter time. The roof make good uprights and overlapping that it withstood the snow.
Those who are worried about the durable and capital construction the Foundation is better to fill. Pour on the height of the Foundation of the house, but to do low-depth.
At the Foundation lay the beams around the perimeter. Strengthen the strut and install the frame. Frame steady. It also will fit the rail.
Paul lay on the floor level of the building. It can be made of wood or any other material. If you are installing outdoors something from wood, then it must be protected from damage and destruction, and covered it with linseed oil paint, suitable for atmospheric effects.
The roof can be a continuation to the house or independent from home. Sometimes the roof is covered with a thick glass, so nothing prevented the penetration of light.
If you have the desire, then the sides of the terrace can be done closed, for example, with sliding Windows, but it will be more like a porch than on the terrace. All the benefits of the terraces lie in its openness.