You will need
    • Vegetable oil
    • Potatoes
    • Cast iron skillet with lid
    • Salt
Wash and peel the potato from the skin. The potatoes must be fresh, not soft and not small.
Slice potatoes thin into strips 5 mm in width. If you cut it to cubes, like the fryer, it can not fry and soften in the roasting process.
Lay out sliced potatoes on a towel on top and blot with another towel to remove moisture. Again, this is done in order for the potatoes not softened in hot oil.
Put the frying pan on a medium heat, after heating, pour vegetable oil in a thin layer on the bottom. Hold on heat until the butter is heating up.
Put the potatoes in the hot oil, spread with a spatula into a single layer to cover the bottom. Potatoes should sasquatching.
Cover for 5-10 minutes. Fire is better to keep the average below it is roasted. Periodically check to see if a crust.
Once the potatoes are browned on one side, it should be very carefully wide spatula to flip. It is important not to break the straw and turn it to mush.
The other party can not close the lid so that the potatoes become crispier. Leave to dogadivaetsya for 5-10 minutes. You can upload.
Only after the fried potatoes on a plate it is recommended to add salt. If you do it before the potatoes get too soft, and the perfect crunch you simply will not succeed.