You will need
    • Potatoes 0.5 kg,
    • Onion medium size – 1 piece,
    • Vegetable oil,
    • Salt
    • ground black pepper.
Potatoes wash, peel and slice long strips. Out it is necessary to remove the starch, so fold the sliced potatoes in a bowl and cover it with cold water, let stand 15 minutes. After that, drain the water, potatoes drain on paper kitchen towel or napkin and gently Pat dry.
The pan heat, pour into it 100 grams of vegetable oil, wait for it to become hot, and place the potatoes. Immediately stir it so that each slice is covered with oil.
Onion peel and finely chop, place in a pan, stir in potatoes and continue to cook over medium heat, periodically stirring the contents of the pans. Fry to the point of readiness, which you like. When the potatoes are ready, salt and pepper it to taste, arrange on plates, sprinkle with chopped fresh herbs and serve.