You will need
    • potatoes;
    • refined oil;
    • not refined sunflower butter or lard;
    • salt;
    • bow;
    • greens.
Fry potatoes in any pan, but this dish cooked in cast iron cookware, will have a more intense taste. Only pans made of cast iron capable of holding proper temperature not only in the field of burners, but also over the entire surface of the bottom and sides.
Select for frying the potatoes medium razvivayuschegosya varieties because it retains its shape. Such potatoes usually has a pink rind. Please note that the vegetable, which was kept at a temperature of 0 degrees and below, will get frying "astringent" taste and brown color.
Cut the potatoes in slices or cubes; julienne strips more suitable for deep frying. Try to keep the slices were the same size, then the potatoes will roast more evenly.
Rinse sliced potatoes in cold water to remove the speakers on the surface of starch juice and to avoid further bonding of the slices. Dry the potatoes by folding it in a colander for 10 minutes. During this time Strachowice the pan every 2-3 minutes.
The final taste of the dish also affects fat for frying. Refined vegetable oil with a neutral fat in terms of giving the dish a flavor. You can optionally add unrefined sunflower oil, smelling of sunflower seeds. Also the amazing effect of using pork fat. Add thinly sliced piece of pork fat to vegetable oil, don't forget to remove the skin.
Any fat, regardless of their composition, must be heated to a high temperature. First heat a pan on high heat. Then place it fat and turn heat down to medium. To determine the suitability of the temperature for frying, put in hot fat of poljubaca of garlic or slice of onion. Remove it from the pan, when it will hiss and begin to obzhivatjsya, and increase the heat to maximum. After half a minute, start the potatoes again and turn heat down to medium.
Laid in the pan the potatoes at once, stir and leave for 3-4 minutes to form a crust. Do not cover. Mix the potatoes with a spatula and leave for another three minutes. If you like soft potatoes, cover it with a lid if dry - do not cover at all. After crust formation on both sides of the slices and mix them again and after a minute put the dish on plates.
Adding to the potatoes, garlic, onions, or mushrooms, run them after the second mixing. Fresh herbs put in the pan with the potatoes after adding salt, so that she wouldn't boil or dry up.