To give the legs a beautiful shape, you must regularly perform exercises that improve the relief of muscle, repeating each at least ten times. To make the relief bigger thigh muscles, grab a heavy medicine ball, weighing up to 3-5 kg, and squat. From time to time, rest for 20 seconds, and then continue to squat. Just do 10 squats.
The following exercise will help you to make partner, which should put pressure on your shoulders for 10 seconds while you're standing on bent legs. Divide the exercise into three parts before each part of the rest 20 seconds.
Jumping up from the full squat position for 5-6 times continuously, repeating a series of jumps several times with break in 30 seconds.
Also make hip beautiful you will help Cycling and exercise bikes. Within a minute, go up the hill or increase the load simulator. Then take a rest.
To eliminate the irregularities of the thighs from the inside and remove the clearance appearing between the hips in the standing position, doing special exercises, lying on your back. Fold in the supine position the legs at the knees, spread them apart and place on the floor.
On the inner thighs, put your hands and push the knee against the resistance of hands, 6-8 times per episode. It is also useful in the lying position, squeeze the knees bouncy ball for 5-7 seconds, repeating the exercise five times in a row. Then try to squeeze the ball with knees and feet.
To give greater relief to the calf muscles, rise on socks, holding a hand over the back of a chair. Alternately rise up on his toes, standing first on one foot then on the other. To strengthen the calf muscles will help you jump up that must be performed without bending the legs.