Continuous observation.
Within 5 minutes to carefully consider any object (e.g., a matchbox, a pencil, a coin, etc.). With this you can blink, but in no case do not look away. Inspect the object up and down, find all new small parts and properties. This exercise should be up to the moment, while attention is not easy to concentrate and hold on the object.
Rhythmic observation.
Take any object and focus on it. The breathing should be quiet. On the exhale, close your eyes and erase the image of the object in the imagination. On the inhale open your eyes again and study the thing. You must do at least 50 approaches. Then the opposite: exhale – observation, breath – erasing.
Mental vision.
Continuously look at any object for 4 minutes. Then close your eyes and try to imagine a visual image of the subject in detail. Opening his eyes against the image in my head with the original. Repeat this exercise at least 5-10 times. At first the image will look like a blurry silhouette, but with time you will achieve a clear inner vision. Of simple objects move on to more detailed and then to large paintings and texts.
Internal videoscope.
For a minute look at one object (e.g. a coin) and then another object (e.g. a Cup). Closing his eyes, try to combine the coin and the glass. The overlay can be both double and triple.