The first method of obtaining citizenship of Sweden is automatic. Automatically obtain Swedish citizenship to a child born either from a citizen of Sweden, one citizen of Swedenwho is married to the mother of the child. If the child is a citizen of Sweden, was born without a marriage, then the solution of the question depends on the place of birth of the child.
In cases of adoption of children by citizens of Sweden, the child automatically receives Swedish citizenship in that case, if his age does not exceed 12 years. In addition, the decision about adoption should be made or approved by the authorized organization in Sweden and meet all the requirements of the law of the state. If at the time of adoption the age of the child exceeds 12 years, to become a full citizen of Sweden, he can only through naturalisation.
The second way of obtaining citizenship of Sweden is citizenship by naturalization. A foreigner can apply for citizenship of the country in the case that will fit into set by law criteria. First, the candidate must have a permit for permanent residence in Sweden or temporary residence for a period of more than 5 years (only for citizens of member countries of the EEC). In addition, the applicant must provide documentary proof that he has resided in the country for at least 5 years.
Some categories of persons are eligible for citizenship under the simplified scheme. First, the residency requirement for refugees from other States and candidates who do not have citizenship (nationality) is reduced from 5 to 4 years. For citizens of Norway and Finland, this period was reduced by more than half - they have enough to live in Sweden for 2 years. Besides, the period of naturalization was reduced for former citizens of Sweden, lost their citizenship, persons who have entered into legal marriage with a Swedish citizen, persons working in Swedish companies in other countries and so on.