Take a firm decision. After divorce people feel devastated, and only so often strive to return the old relationship. Think carefully whether you need a relationship with a woman who crashed and came to divorce. Only after a firm decision and act.
Analyze the situation that led to the divorce. Remember your life together, which was a lot of mistakes. Think about what brought you to divorce. Do not look afterspends the day drop, dig deeper and understand the reasons for dissatisfaction with each other.
Naladte contact with the former spouse. Start communicating, it is advisable to do it gradually, not falling on the former wife. Don't be pushy, just remind about its existence, natalkivat talking about the beautiful moments of life together. Support her in any situation help if required. Time changes people's attitudes, and maybe your wife will understand that you made a mistake.
Correct past mistakes. Knowing exactly what annoyed you spouse, get rid of that. From any habit can be waived, any character trait, if not fix, then at least smooth. Seeing big changes, your spouse will appreciate it.
Admit your guilt. In no case do not throw the blame for the divorce on the wife. On the contrary, it is better to exaggerate in this my share, but not to refuse recognition of participation in the collapse of her marriage.