You will need
  • the app ATI Catalyst Control Center 12.1;
  • program RivaTuner.
If you have ATI, regardless of how you carried out the crackdown to clean it by using the tool ATI Catalyst Control Center. Usually along with drivers for the graphics card is also installed and this app. If the program is not in your system, you'll need to install. This app should be on the driver disk, you can also download it from the Internet. To download better is one of the last versions of the program.
Next, you will learn the procedure for resetting the overclocking for example ATI Catalyst Control Center 12.1. Although older versions of the program this procedure is virtually identical. Run ATI Catalyst Control Center in the menu, select "Performance".
Then go to the tab AMD Overdrive. In the lower left corner of the window there is a button "default" - click this her. After that, click "Apply". You can close the window - overclocking removed. Now the Board is working on factory settings.
Owners of graphics cards from nVidia is best to use the program RivaTuner. Download it from the Internet and install on the hard disk of your computer. Run the program, then click on the arrow that points to the side. There will be several icons.
When you hover over the icon the cursor of mouse appears. Click on the icon "low level system settings". Then in the bottom right corner, click on the button "Source". After that, click OK, then restart the computer. After your PC restarts, the frequency of the video card will reset to standard.