Before you start painting feathers, they must be degreased. To do this, they should be washed with shampoo or other detergent. Then rinse with hot water.
If the feathers are dark or uneven in color, you must bleach it. With the help of hydrogen peroxide.
Green feathers can be dyed a brilliant green. The green paint should be diluted with water and drop in a solution of feathers.
Red in color, can be dyed onion skin. But do not boil. From that feathers deteriorate. Feathers should be placed in the solution for half an hour.
The pen will acquire a rich red color if it is dyed with henna. Henna is diluted to a thick slurry. Put feathers in henna for 2-3 hours.
For painting, you can use hair dye. Apply according to instructions on packaging.
A variety of bright colors can be obtained if dyeing food dyes. In a hot solution of paint and put feathers on the half hour. Then feathers are washed well with cold water. The color is better kept in a solution of paint can add a few drops of vinegar.
To dry the feathers should be on a sheet of paper, dividing from each other.
After coloring the pen must be covered with fat.