You will need
  • Computer, lithium battery CR2032, screwdriver, basic skills on work with computer.
Before you change the battery, it should buy. You need to buy the battery CR2032. It looks like a flat tablet and is sold in many computer stores.
Unscrew the screws fixing the side cover, and remove it. Open access to the parent Board. Find battery. It's easy, it is usually installed in the slot with the label facing upwards, and at other parts on the mother Board no.
Remove the old battery. To do this, carefully bend the latch on the socket, and the battery lifts off the edge. Grab the battery with your fingers and pull easily. Performing these procedures, be very careful not to damage the surface of the motherboard and adjacent to the socket of the battery details.
Install the new battery into the motherboard. The battery should be located smooth surface with the label side facing upward. The latch should securely lock it in the socket.
Close the computer cover and turn it on. Install, if necessary, settings in the BIOS and configure the date and time. Check stopped to reset the computer settings when turned off.