To open a pet shop and especially the veterinary clinic is not easy, but with the opening veterinary pharmacies you have problems should arise.
The thing is that to open a clinic you will need to obtain a license for medical activities, recruit qualified personnel and so on. In the case of pet shops, you will likely have to work in conditions of tough competition. Veterinary pharmacies things are much simpler, because usually in a big city there are only a couple of pharmacies. Where to run people, when their Pets are unwell?
To open veterinary pharmacies you will need to register as an entrepreneur or start their own LLC. In addition, you will need to obtain a license to engage in veterinary activities. As soon as all permits will be finished, you can start choosing premises for your veterinary pharmacy. It is best to open not one big and several small drugstores or kiosks in different parts of the city. Area veterinary pharmacies can be quite small, because the range of medicines for animals is not as wide as the range of medicines for people.
Room for future veterinary pharmacy must be properly equipped. The walls should be covered with a washable Wallpaper or painted. The room must be ventilated. When you open the pharmacy you will need to purchase special pharmacy stands with glass display cases. Better if all the goods will be "free access" that a person could look at the products offered.
The success of your veterinary pharmacy will largely depend on the range of products that you will offer. In addition to medicines in veterinary pharmacy to be sold to various vitamins and nutrients that caring breeders are willing to buy whole package. The vet should also sell feed for animals and birds, shampoos, collars and even toys.
Behind the counter veterinary pharmacy as regular pharmacies, there should be a person with relevant education. You can hire a veterinary surgeon, pharmacist or veterinary assistant, who will be able to advise the customers the desired product.
And the last step in opening a veterinary pharmacy is is. Leaflets advertising the pharmacy you can distribute in public places and in veterinary clinics. The first time you can also give ads in Newspapers or on specialized sites.