To do this may not be so easy, especially after months or even years of family turmoil. But do not worry. Remember that the atmosphere in the house depends entirely on women, and if you've decided to return the love to your husband, you certainly will succeed.
Sit down and remember what started your conflicts. These often occur because a woman begins to compare her husband with the husbands of their girlfriends, bosses, and other familiar men. She thinks it's better men than your husband: make more sociable, the farm help, etc. But your own husband which side of him do not look, the knight does not pull. This dissatisfaction a woman begins to Express her husband, he is offended and looks for something to stab a wife, and a growing tangle of grudges, like a snowball. Realizing that this destructive model of behavior there is in your relationship, accept the decision to stop comparing your husband with anyone else. It is for you to be ideal by default, just because he's your husband. In addition, remember that other men seem so wonderful only from afar, because you don't know all the nuances. Their wives, most likely, too do not consider them as such.
Having made the decision to consider your husband the perfect man, begin to praise him. Men need to do 3 to 5 compliments a day. Let them not be trivial. Compliment "what you have beautiful eyes" the husband will likely not appreciate. But your words about how he is a reliable man, as you well beside him, most likely, will bring him great pleasure. Remember, a man should be treated the same way you want them to treat you.
Keep a diary, every night write down the advantages of your husband and all of his good deeds that you are pleased today. Write about any little thing, bypassing their attention those actions that caused your irritation. In the morning make a habit to read the diary from cover to cover, and only after that to Wake her husband. You'll be surprised that your relationship to your husband will change dramatically in just a few days.