You should not raise your voice tone, speak naturally. If you change the tone or manner of speaking, you also won't believe (once you are talking in a weird manner, then you are just deceiving).
Also required eye contact with the object of belief. If your partner looks away, you must do the same, in the same direction (again, just catch his eye and try to keep it).
Talk of your interlocutor. For example, if your opponent is going to take a breath, you need to start talking, using arguments and facts. This will force your opponent to at least listen to you (kill the cultured man will not), then it all depends on you.
Plays an important role and your posture during the process of persuasion, stay straight, look you in the eye – be open to communication. Not worth shifting from foot to foot, stooped, staring at the floor – all this shows your insecurities and inability to convince.
Persuading others requires knowledge and understanding of their position on this topic. Possible objections and questions during the conversation to be able to comment on, backed by their arguments and facts.
It is impossible in any case to lose self-control, if an opponent aims a verbal or gestures to actively challenge you. Stay calm and proceed with confidence to Express their opinions. Remember, if you showed his anger and said his opponent the same methods, consider that you lost.
During a call, bring as many arguments. They can be real stories with witnesses, dates, numbers, names, information resources, videos, and photos. The facts must be submitted directly, not trying to dust the reality.