If you want to manipulate people, you need to learn how to control their emotions, to be able to convince people to play the role of a man endowed with a different kind of contrived feelings. The only way you can be a person, endowed with the power of persuasion greater than you really are. To get these skills, consider attending acting school. Dress up as different characters, you will be able to feel anything, it will help you to better control the people around you. If you want to master the art of acting for the sake of manipulating people, don't tell others about it. This way you only invoke suspicion from them.

Public speaking

Another way to get from people what you want them to learn to speak with the public, to conduct lengthy monologue. This will help you to understand how to formulate and convey their thoughts in the most constructive way, additionally, you will learn how to argue persuasively and defend their positions. This approach to manipulation is very well suited for further conversation, for example, with the boss or colleagues at work. Emotions in the medical setting is almost not relevant, and the skill of transformation of images in this case will not help you.


Almost all charismatic people are able to get what they need. If you want to learn how to manipulate people, you need to work on his charisma. Learn how to create a positive atmosphere of conversation, work on body language. Your task is to arrange people to communicate with you. It doesn't matter with whom you speak, it could be primary school student and a history Professor at any University. To become more charismatic and make people feel special. Talking with a person, look him in the eye, be interested in his feelings and interests. Show someone that you care about your acquaintance with him, even if it is not. Radiate confidence in everything you do, and then people will perceive you and your words seriously.

Get to know the people

Everyone has their psychological and emotional traits, so there is no single pattern that will help you to manipulate all. Before trying to control person and control them, learn his character, learn what your actions will help persuade the person to the desired behavior. For example, some people are extremely emotional. They can cry in the cinema, sincerely empathize with other people's problems, etc. to manipulate these people, you must throw out his own emotions, forcing them to empathize with you, until you learn what you need. If a person is very rational, he does not give in to emotions, logic requires actions and is constantly looking for proof, it requires a different approach. To the fore in this case it appears your ability to calmly and convincingly to persuade people of the correctness of the emotion here would be absolutely superfluous.

Learn from others

Pay attention to your surroundings. Perhaps you have acquaintances, relatives or friends who know how to manipulate people, they always get what they need. Study their behavior, record what they do that brings them success and what they achieve.