Prepare the skirt pattern, appropriate size, and copy it to tracing paper, securing the corners of the tracing paper on a sheet with original pattern. Trace the silhouette pattern in soft, contrasting with a pencil. Detach the tracing paper from the original sheet and cut from it the circled part.
Then select the appropriate fabric for the desired color, such as jeans, or stretch velvet, and move it to the pattern in the direction of the grain lines. Lay the fabric on the table wrong side up and secure on her pattern pieces.
Tailor's chalk, copy stitch or a disappearing marker, trace pattern pieces, given the allowances for seams on each side, and then remove the tracing paper from the fabric. Sharp tailor's scissors cut cloth the details of the skirt – front and back detail, a belt and patch pockets. You will also need a zipper or other lock.
Prostrochite on a typewriter tuck and zautyuzhte them from the inside, directing the fold to the center of the product. Then take the pockets and zautyuzhte their allowances inside. Then pristrochite pockets to the front side of the front part of the skirt, having planned in advance their location.
With wrong sides of fabric together sew the side seams of the skirt, connecting the front and back detail. In the left side seam, leave the place for zippers with a length of 20 cm. Vsheyte zip.
Using a zigzag or overlock the edges of fabric at the seams and then try on the skirtto make sure that it does not need suturing. Separately take a break and turn on the front side belt skirt, then zautyuzhte it, turning down the seam allowance inside. Sew waistband to upper edge of skirt, pre-securing it with pins and leaving a small distance for buttons, Velcro or hook.
Now around the perimeter of the popliteus pins hem products and prostrochite it to the finishing line. Your skirt is ready.